Arabic Healthcare website with Google Ads

ExtraDigital provided a fast turnaround on producing an Arabic language version of a healthcare website for Step One Recovery.

Step One Recovery LogoStep One Recovery approached ExtraDigital to produce an Arabic language version of an existing website in English and setup Google Ads campaigns in the Arabic language. This work was managed by one of our Arabic speaking marketing staff.

Arabic Website Design

So how do we create an Arabic language version of an existing website?

  • Main design should mirror the original design
  • Logo positioned on the right
  • Text right – aligned
  • Text line height adjusted to better suit the Arabic language.
  • Images adjusted to fit the revised design, and checked for cultural sensitivity.
Step One Recovery

Arabic Content Generation

The website copy also needed producing in Arabic. This was more complex as the pages were also to be Google Ads landing pages, and there are some restrictions on what services can be described on the website and in the ads. A simple translation from English to Arabic was therefore not suitable.

The copy was written taking on board all of the following:

  • The English language version
  • The rules from Google Ads on what services can / cannot be mentioned in Arabic
  • The target audience and what they would respond to

Google Partners

Arabic Paid Search Setup

We also setup the initial Ad Groups with multiple Ad Copies, Keywords and Extensions within Google Ads. This was based on keyword and market research to provide a good initial campaign setup for ongoing optimisation.

If you are looking for a company with over 10 years expertise in producing Arabic language websites and setting up Google Ads campaigns, contact ExtraDigital on 01227 686898.

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