Rapid Website Development for Arabic Healthcare Provider

What is Doctoori?

Focusing on the development of the healthcare sector in the Arab world, the Doctoori website shows healthcare content as provided by a partnership with the British National Health Service (Choices NHS). 

The Doctoori website was specifically designed to provide healthcare information which has previously been unattainable in the Middle East and Arabic speaking countries.

ExtraDigital were chosen to carry out the work due to their outstanding record in Arabic web design, development, and e-marketing, with in-house Arabic experts.

Arabic Web Design

For more information, read: Introducing Doctoori.net

After launch, www.doctoori.net  quickly amassed a great number of visitors and interest. ExtraDigital helped this by adopting a pre-site launch social media strategy which proved to be highly successful in generating interest and buzz before the launch of the site.

ExtraDigital helped Doctoori grow their traffic, engagement, and revenue.  

This social strategy included posting about upcoming features and health information available on the site. ExtraDigital also carried out SEO marketing, to build relevant traffic, which, in turn, lead to an increase in revenue for Doctoori.

Rapid Growth, Rapid Acquisition of Users 

 Market penetration is high, with Doctoori occupying top position for many thousands of search phrases online.

Doctoori has grown to be a
highly valued name in
Arabic healthcare information.

Traffic Growth

The data below shows the huge growth in website visitors within two years. The marketing work achieved over 40,000 page visitors per day to the website, representing over one million users per month. 

Doctoori Page Views Increase

70,000 likes from Twitter Campaign

The Social Media work has been very successful, and on Twitter they regularly receive over 50k impressions for posts.

On Facebook, the campaigns were generating over 2,000 engagements each week, showing a high level of interest and interaction.

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