Positioning Consultation for Mobile App Builder

In late 2019 ExtraDigital undertook consultation work for Caddify, the new mobile app builder tailored to product manufacturers.

The team at Caddify approached ExtraDigital at the B2B Marketing Expo in March 2019 and talks continued before they committed to a series of meetings and workshops for ExtraDigital to provide consultation on the positioning of their new brand.

What is positioning?

Brand positioning is what sets your brand apart, what makes you different from your competitors. It’s how you position your brand in the mind of your customers.

Creating a Positioning Strategy

Through a series of meetings and workshops, ExtraDigital helped Caddify navigate the tricky route to defining a positioning strategy and also defined a new category in which they intend to enter the market and own.

ExtraDigital hosted meetings and workshops at our head office in Canterbury, Kent. Based in the Canterbury Innovation Centre, our HQ boasts a fully serviced office with a private meeting room which gives ample space for these types of consultation services.

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Identifying the Audience & Market

To understand the positioning for Caddify, ExtraDigital undertook discovery work to understand the current space. We looked at the Caddify offering and its USPs and then compared this to their closest competitors and their positioning.

ExtraDigital conducted a range of interviews with professionals in product manufacturing businesses. We discussed how they currently leveraged mobile technology, if at all, and analysed their digital maturity. We pitched the Caddify offering and investigated how this would be of use to different facets of their business; this helped us gain insight into which features of the product were most desirable.

Product Benefit

From the research, we learned that a huge emphasis is being put on growing industrial IoT technology. There is currently a huge opportunity for manufacturers to achieve great value from the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, and most interviewees noted that this would be a key factor in the adoption of an app-based product.

Further to this, many of the manufacturers we spoke to noted that internal education was vital to their initiatives. So the creation of a mobile app that gave their salespeople and dealers a point of resource would be highly beneficial.

This information helps considerably when looking at the positioning of Caddify. The platform can provide Digital Tools that can service both of these requirements, so it was interesting to see the clear value of these assets.

Identifying the Problem and matching the Solution

Once we had an understanding of the issues faced by manufacturers, we looked at how the Caddify offering could solve these issues.

Category Definition

The team at Caddify were concerned that their product didn’t naturally fit into any existing category. In a second workshop, we examined the existing category landscape for this type of product and looked at the advantages and disadvantages of creating a new category.

Creating a new category for your product is an excellent opportunity to take ownership of the category term and space, but it does come with risk. Owning a category takes time and substantial effort to educate your audience on the space, your product, and why it belongs in its own category. The main risk comes from competitors moving into the space and taking ownership.

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