Rapid Growth for healthcare start-up

Successful startup companies need to generate leads and convert new users quickly in order to grow.  

Mynurva.com is a rapidly expanding healthcare company providing confidential mental health support online by video-link to qualified therapists. Mynurva identified a gap in the market where people were reluctant or unable to seek help as they did not want their GP or employer to know. They provided an independent service with appointment times including lunchtimes, evenings and weekends.

ExtraDigital were asked to provide marketing services for Mynurva.

Mynurva Website Display

The focus from October 2018 was an ambitious growth plan. A new set of Inbound Marketing campaigns were set up to significantly ramp up the number of contacts and users, and provide an effective ongoing mechanism of generating new enquiries and users.

The data below shows the success of these campaigns. Within one month the number of contacts increased from a few hundred to nearly 13,000 with the rate of contact growth increasing and cost per contact decreasing. Given that the market for this type of service is huge, it is expected that this growth will continue to increase.

Chart showing Inbound Marketing results for Mynurva

The data in the above graph represents the cumulative data from three campaigns, one running for the full month and two running for half a month. These each target slightly different interests.

Mynurva Gad-7 Anxiety Test

Take a look at the Anxiety Test we created for Mynurva.

How was this achieved?

Inbound Marketing is about providing quality information such that real people wish to have that content and sign up for it. When ExtraDigital start working for a client, one of the first tasks is to understand the audience and understand the type of campaign that will work.

The second stage is to produce the assets required including social posts and ads.

The third task is to set up tracking and measurements so what works can be identified, and what does not work can be stopped. The campaigns can then be put live with a small budget. Initial results are analysed, changes made as required and the campaigns rolled out at an increased scale.

In actual fact, ExtraDigital created four initial campaigns for Mynurva, but one underperformed compared to the others and was quickly paused.

Next Steps?

The next steps are to reduce the costs of acquisition further. This becomes easier when the social audience is large and PR work has produced an interest in the services provided by Mynurva.

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