Lead Gen for a Global Healthcare Provider

Lead generation is a helpful marketing strategy for healthcare providers to direct efforts to potential international patients, as digital marketing extends a global reach and acquires more data.

Data analysis can improve the marketing campaign and the patient's experience leading to the generation of potential leads through post-analysis development.

Introducing the contact forms permitted our client to collect the data from potential leads and follow up with those who have shown an interest in their services.

Previously, there needed to be a way to collect relevant contact data from the target audience.

Instant forms on our client's Meta ads helped generate 988% above the original target for leads, exceeding both our and the client's expectations.

Expert Guidance from our Marketing Team

All-time results from the healthcare provider’s Paid Search campaign generated our target number of leads with a very positive CTR at 11%.

The majority of the leads have come from emails - indicating that the target audience prefers interacting with someone online.

This information led us to recommend the Healthcare provider focus more of their sales team on email follow-ups and chatbots to help increase their lead generation as these methods were more responsive to their target audience.

Social media is a powerful tool to adapt your approach to lead generation and provide insight into the target audience.

Gathering information is valuable for data analysis and real-time engagement that can be used to refine marketing strategies.

Cooperation between marketing and sales teams is paramount for business success.

Marketing expert's recommendations to sales teams help deliver a unified approach, consistent messaging, and aligning strategies.

Marketers facilitate the sales team's ability to tailor engagements, anticipate demands, and effectively employ content by analysing customer data.

Collaboration creates a feedback loop, streamlining continuous progress and prompt adaptation to market shifts.

The result is enhanced lead quality, experiences and long-term client relationships based on trust and understanding.

The synergy between marketing and sales optimises an organisation's prospects and patron satisfaction.

Want to generate more leads for your business? Our ExtraDigital team have experience with a multitude of industries and international audiences.

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