Inbound Marketing for Cold Storage Provider

CRS are a cold storage firm based in Ireland, with offices in the UK, and has been a client of ExtraDigital for many years. Historically, ExtraDigital manages three sites for CRS, which we designed and built using our ExtraCMS framework.

Over the years, we have helped the company grow with a range of Digital Marketing services that helped establish CRS as the leading supplier of cold storage solutions.

The Inbound approach helps provide educational-based content when focusing on the business's lead generation. We recommend HubSpot as a platform to help facilitate further growth and increase future sales.

HubSpot offered CRS a central hub to manage their leads, from acquisition to customer service, with its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and service hubs. For us, it gave us the platform to combine our previously disparate marketing efforts and actively quantify the results of our actions. We had previously shown significant successes for CRS, but HubSpot enabled us to see the impact of each piece of material within a campaign.

Let's take a little look at how we got there.

HubSpot Onboarding

After consultation with ExtraDigital, CRS chose to adopt the HubSpot Growth Suite since it gave all that HubSpot had to offer with a significant discount that stretched across the board to their extensive contact list.

At ExtraDigital, we aim to onboard clients most effectively, with a clear view to getting their first campaign running and ROI (Return on Investment) realised as soon as possible. All essential tasks are prioritised, and our team of marketers began work on the Inbound Strategy while our experienced HubSpot developers set about handling the template creation.

Taking this approach allows us to begin implementing the first campaign as the onboarding process is happening so that once the essential onboarding task was complete and tested, the first campaign was ready to roll out shortly after.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a way of attracting clients by offering tailored content and experiences that they value. Content should look to inform and educate rather than sell, positioning your brand at the forefront of their minds.

The Inbound Approach

Inbound Marketing unites several channels and types of content to draw prospects to your website, but it doesn't stop there. Inbound focuses on three stages of customer interaction, Attract, Engage & Delight.


Attracting your audience is the practice of offering valuable content that resonates with a problem they are trying to solve.


Once you have your audience's attention, you need to engage them through tailored content offerings that help them solve this problem.


Finally, in this End User Stage, upon becoming a customer, you need to ensure that they are supported, empowering them to succeed with your solution.

Learn more about our first HubSpot Campaign for CRS in this dedicated Case Study.

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