Fire Design Solutions focus on education and awareness

The tail-end of 2019 marked a renewed vigour for Fire Design Solutions to provide high-level, insightful seminars and CPD’s to aid learning in the industry. Fire Design Solutions are dedicated to raising awareness to improve the approach to the design, construction and management of fire safety to deliver better building quality.

Through a range of CIBSE approved CPD’s (Continued Professional Learning), Fire Design Solutions highlight the necessary changes in the construction industry in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. The seminars document the first steps towards an improved approach to the design, construction and management of fire safety, particularly in residential buildings.

Event Promotion

Kicking off this incentive, marketing manager Bijan Fard with the support of ExtraDigital, planned an industry event presenting a day of CIBSE approved CPD’s.

The event ‘Smoke Control for a Clearer Future’ was Fire Design Solutions return to providing CPD’s after a short break.

What is a CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) describes the learning activities that professionals undertake to increase their knowledge and abilities. It enables professionals to be conscious and proactive, ensuring that both academic and practical qualifications do not become out-dated or obsolete. This approach allows individuals to routinely ‘up-skill’, regardless of occupation, age or educational level.

ExtraDigital planned a full campaign to promote the event which included the creation of a landing page to track registrations, implementing email marketing, social media marketing.

We drove traffic through social media, leaning on the more professional networks like LinkedIn and Twitter, and engaging existing contacts through a range of emails promoting the registration page. An attractive landing page that gave the user ample information on how they would stand to benefit from attending and allowed them to register through a simple lead generation form worked very well. It also gave the client a place to drive their industry peers that they communicated within the weeks leading up to the event.

The landing page had an 18% conversion rate, with leads mostly generated through our email marketing efforts. These results meant the event was fully-subscribed, and the client had a registration list prepared for the morning of the event.

On the day we had a lot of walk-ups from attendees that had added the event to their calendar but not completed registration. All contributed to a bustling day of CPD seminars, which was deemed a fantastic success for the client.

Fire Design Solutions were so pleased with the results, and they have planned to replicate the event in Manchester, as they expand their service offering to the north of the country.

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Event Support

ExtraDigital provided full support during the event. Alongside planned activities such as social media coverage and video production the team, we’re on hand for any ad-hoc requests from the client.

Arriving early, during the set-up, the ExtraDigital team got straight to work helping set-up AV for an event preview we had produced and assisting on registration as attendees arrived.

The social media activity conducted through the day received high engagement from the attending architects, developers and contractors but also from industry organisations, such as the Smoke Control Association.

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Video Production

ExtraDigital commissioned and managed David Proud from Proud Video Production to attend on the day and capture footage of the event. We regularly work with David and find his services second to none, he is excellent to work with and alongside his video expertise, brings plenty of good ideas to the table from his years of experience.

David captured each of the seminars that ran through-out the day, took general footage of the event and worked alongside ExtraDigital to conduct a range of interview with attendees. This footage resulted in a fantastic highlights reel, some great testimonials for Fire Design Solutions and six seminar recordings. The seminar recordings were teamed with the presentation in post-production and form the basis of Fire Design Solutions webinar scheduled for 2020.

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As you can see the client was very pleased with the work ExtraDigital conducted in preparation, during and after the event. To ensure we got the most value from the video footage captured at the event we create an event highlights reel for social media, and are utilising the seminar content in a range of Fire Design Solution webinars launching mid-2020.


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