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Our client is a world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification. We work with them to provide web-based portals for local authorities to upload air quality data and statutory reports and tools to query and analyse the information within these.

Data modelling

Air pollution and environmental control rely on the collection of a large amount of data, and complex modelling. Part of the work ExtraDigital have provided is an easy way to import large amounts of raw data with intelligent checking. This is looking for data outliers or errors and ensures the data used within modelling is accurate enough for the specific analysis. ExtraDigital provide the database and web development expertise, and our partner the scientific knowledge.

Data Analysis Portal

The imported data is then available for download and analysis. It can be linked with other datasets allowing scientists and environmental researchers to study the data. It is also used by local authorities as part of their air quality management modelling and in the development of statuary reports. The web portal includes an area for the online submission, review and auditing of these documents, and for central government to monitor the progress of this

When dealing with government rules and regulations you need a system that keeps good records and can be adapted as regulations change. It also needs to cope with boundary and local authority changes. This requires a modular development and databases structured to allow for these types of changes. 

Our Experience

Staff within ExtraDigital have provided a range of government portals and worked with several different departments. Projects have ranged from social housing to local planning and air quality management. We have also worked with local government on web portals, scrutiny websites, healthcare provision portals and advise websites for care in the community.

If you're dealing with large data and can't see the wood for the trees, then contact ExtraDigital and we can highlight how the data can be made easier to consume, where you can see key information at a glance.

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