Responsive Website for Kent Schools

ExtraDigital completed one of the first school websites in Kent to be designed responsively. Sturry and Hersden school websites (part of the Stour Academy trust) were redesigned early in the year to make the site more usable for parents and other visitors who use the site via mobile and tablets.


responsive school website

There are countless situations in which parents need to access their school websites via their phones or tablets - whether they are on the run and want to look up which school dinners the school is serving, or they are looking for exam results whilst browsing on a tablet.

Sturry and Hersden School were well aware of this change in parent behaviour and commissioned ExtradDigital to rebuild the website code so that user experience with mobile devices was of the highest standard for stakeholders.  

Our Approach

  • Find out which information users are actually looking for on the site using in depth analytics, comments from staff and feedback from behavioural analysis.
  • From this we established a design. Sturry and Hersden wanted to keep their existing design. ExtraDigital designed the appearance on mobile and tablet based around the important content that needed to be displayed.
  • ExtraDigital also developed a gallery module to help members of staff to manage the various photo galleries on the website.
  • We produced the design on a preview and tested to make sure all aspects were covered before we put website live.


ExtraDigital produced a high quality and functional responsive elements of the website, keeping the previous design intact. We were able to provide easy access buttons giving users access to the information they need in just 1 click.  Parents are now able to access information regarding the success of their children’s school and governing bodies are also easily able to access vital information regarding the school.

ExtraDigital specialises in designing school or academy websites that put the content and users first. We firmly believe that content is king and that websites need to display the information that its users want quickly, making sure that the user journey is short and the design is as easy to read as possible on all devices. For more information, get in touch today on 01227 68 68 98.

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