Responsive Case Study: Jon William Stables

The Brief:

To make fully responsive. The aim was to enable their clients to use the site with ease and simplicity no matter what device their view the site on. 

The need for this work is due to the way in which consumers access the internet, it has changed dramatically in recent years. There has been a sharp increase in the use of these mobile and tablet devices to view sites and by 2015, as many as two thirds of all purchases and half of all transactions will occur on mobile devices. It has therefore become increasingly important to adapt sites to enable viewing on many platforms.

What We Did:

At ExtraDigital we are seeing many businesses and organisations require responsive websites due to the change in consumer behaviour and the increase in the use of devices such as tablets and mobiles.

To the right you can see two pie charts showing the increase in in the percentage of users using the different devices in the year 2011 and 2013. You will straight away see that desktop devices, although still being a huge chunk of the total number of devices, it is no longer dominant. Tablets are the device that have seen a hugh increase in numbers, mainly due to the increasing numbers of tablets on the market and more and more affordable prices.

These figures are what we expect to see accross many websites at the moment, especially those in the B2C market as your customer is more likely to view your website on their tablet whilst watching TV in the evening - becoming a norm for us all. This means that most websites can benefit hugely from making their site responsive.


ExtraDigital had already redesigned the Jon William Stables design previously but now due to the change in consumer behaviour we made the site responsive as well. This work took four weeks to complete.

The outcome of making responsive is that the site is now a fully accessible site on every device, clearly advertising the stables and barns that Jon William Stables supplies. Our client was very pleased with the work that went into this site.

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