Case Study: Responsive Site in 2 Weeks

The Brief:

To make the website for as existing client fully mobile responsive due to the high number of visitors who were visiting their site via mobiles and tablets. Time was of the essence due the high bounce rate and loss of customers who were unable to access the use the site on their mobiles and tablets.

Below is a table which shows the change in the number of visitors to these sites on devices such as mobiles and tablets rather than the traditional desktops. As you can see the number has risen from 19 in August 2012 to 1,695 in August, this is a 8821% increase in the space of one year! These figures show the importance for companies to react to the current trend of using mobiles and tablets to view sites.

What We Did:

ExtraDigital made the site responsive so that it was viewable on both tablets and mobiles as well that the traditional desktops. As we knew that time was of the essence and due to the fact that we work closely with our clients to ensure they have flexibility to the market changes, we were able to complete this work in just under two weeks rather than the four weeks that it usually takes to make a site responsive. We are very proud of this achievement.

ExtraDigital offer a comprehensive marketing website design service for a range of businesses and sectors including creating responsive websites for consultants and businesses. To learn more, take a look at our range of business responsive web designs or contact us today to get an initial, free website review and find out how we can bring your business to life online.

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