Magento Support for Tiles360

About three months back, we touched on a Magento 2 design and build plus Merlin integration project we had just started with our client Tiles360. Little did we know how fun a client they would be, and how fast the account would grow!

The website was completed on time and put live in May. As a marketing and development company, we know putting a website live and then doing nothing is a big no-no, hence why we recommended ongoing support for the website. 

Many people don’t know the importance of website support and maintenance. A lot of people aren’t even sure what agencies mean when they say they can provide support and website maintenance. Is this customer support? Do you answer all of our questions? What is the difference between technical SEO? What is it that you actually do?

Let us explain!

Ongoing Support for Magento eCommerce

The level of support and maintenance needed varies between websites as some sites can be more technical than others. Tiles360 requires a high level of support as they have a few integrations that let the website and warehouse speak to each other, plus a few bespoke tools on the site we built for them.

In addition to answering general email queries, monthly technical checks, and making sure the website is functioning correctly, here are a few support/maintenance tasks we have completed since the site went live:

  • Integrated with Merlin, which sends orders to the warehouse for picking
  • Integrated with Palletways for automatic shipping
  • Installed a new automated email system that automatically sends out follow-up emails to people that have ordered samples
  • Built an SQM calculator that you can view on the product pages
  • Integrated a blog
  • Integrated with Mailchimp

One word........Brilliant!

I have worked with many agencies over the years but ExtraDigital is in a league of their own. Accommodating, ideas generating, on the ball, easy to work with and above all knowledgeable. I am looking forward to a long working relationship with the guys here.

Kerry Murphy,
Head of eCommerce

Don’t let the length of the list fool you – implanting each of these and getting them working correctly requires a sharp dev eye and a lot of work, not to mention suggesting the best plan of action to the client.

Before it all goes live, we test that it is responsive, that all links work, workflows are working properly, the list goes on! Then you have to do it all over again for each device – mobile, laptop, desktop, and tablet.

a healthy organic bounce rate

users in 3 months

average page load time

Why is website support/maintenance important?

If your site is neglected, it can impact on your customer's shopping experience, resulting in loss of sales and consumer engagement.

Regular maintenance will not only guarantee a good and efficient user experience for your customers but also maintain your page speed, ensure your site is free of any issues, kept up-to-date and secure, and SEO is fully optimised. It will also help you maintain a good reputation among your customers, helping you stay ahead of your competitors.

Website Support and Maintenance from ExtraDigital

It’s simple – if your website isn’t working, no one will be able to use your website. Even the smallest of changes to a page can cause problems somewhere else on the website – it’s beneficial when you have someone on hand who can fix this immediately and offer advice to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

At ExtraDigital, we are very flexible with our support packages, offering a range of plans that suit most clients' needs as well as bespoke plans for those that need a little something special.

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