HubSpot Web Development for critical messaging provider, MindLink

MindLink is a specialised chat company focusing on regulated and security industries that bring people, information and tools together to facilitate critical decision making. They approached ExtraDigital to create a new website and visual identity on HubSpot.

An online presence to drive Lead Generation

MindLink's goal was to drive qualified leads for their critical-messaging application from the Government and Defence sectors.

As HubSpot Gold Partners, with clients ranging across B2B sectors, we knew we'd be able to harness our platform experience and ability to create high-converting websites that function well while looking great.

A new aesthetic was required for MindLink. They had previously built and managed their site internally, and whilst this was quite an achievement, the cracks were starting to show. A mix of styles and content made for a less than appropriate experience for new prospects landing on the site.

Maintaining the brand identity, we explored an extended colour palette keeping their core accent colour for continuity. After which, we started from scratch with a fresh visual identity that conveyed a highly professional, trustworthy and, above all, secure feel.

HubSpot Web Development

HubSpot Web Development

Using the HubSpot platform, we aimed to create a flexible theme that the team at MindLink could easily edit and create pages on their own. Backed by HubSpot's CRM tools, we create a functional design where users can enjoy a seamless digital experience.

Leveraging the HubSpot platform, we implemented are a range of interactive elements combined with dynamic content from the HubSpot CRM to aid UX.

HubSpot offers MindLink the perfect platform to scale their business, which will allow them to grow their digital presence alongside their marketing and sales functions.

Accessible Web Design

As an agency with over 20 years of experience in web development and digital marketing, we fully understand the importance of designing and building websites with a carefully thought out UX design that can drive lead generation by streamlining the decision-making process. With more and more audiences shifting away from traditional website engagement, accessibility is vital in new website builds.

Here's how our client felt about the completed project:

"We had already been using HubSpot for some time, so naturally, we wanted to partner with an agency that has experience with the platform. Besides that, we were also in need of a design refresh – being up to date with current design practices as well as an aesthetic that fits our audience. With the help of ExtraDigital we were able to achieve both outcomes and now have a refreshed website that is more engaging, visually exciting and gives us the right tools within HubSpot to conveniently spin-up new content going forward. This was an important project for us, and we are very pleased with the final result."

William Konings | Product Manager

Looking to build a website with HubSpot? ExtraDigital are Gold Certified HubSpot partners and have extensive experience working alongside our clients to leverage the platform's benefits.

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