CS-Cart maintenance for Farm Marketplace

A real emphasis has been put on the respect and appreciation for the key workers, who are continuing their work through adversity, and incredibly tough times.

Here at ExtraDigital, we salute you! One sector of key-workers that perhaps hasn’t been recognised by mainstream media is our nation of farmers and agricultural workers. They have been hard at work, keeping the tractors running and the produce flowing, filling our stores with all manner of goods for us to go and panic buy.

So, when we received a call from Farm Marketplace amid the news of a nationwide lockdown, we were pleased to hear that our nation’s farmers were still being supported by an initiative that connects farmers with key suppliers, offering all manner of farming equipment and everyday supplies they need to continue farming. As they put it, “Amazon, for Farmers”.

CS-Cart Support

CS-Cart is a well-established shopping cart solution based on a set of code you purchase and use to maintain your online store. The codebase of the product is regularly updated to protect from hackers and be compatible with the latest server technologies. CS-Cart regularly releases a mix of critical security updates and feature updates, so some stores that are not routinely maintained can quickly become out-of-date.

The Farm Marketplace were experiencing difficulties maintaining their CS-Cart website and had encountered issues implementing a new template. ExtraDigital stepped in to resolve the situation, offering a block of hours that would enable us to fix the current issues and provide the team at Farm Marketplace some extra capacity for support & maintenance.

While CS-Cart isn’t one of the more popular eCommerce platforms, we’ve noticed a recent increase in enquiries from store owners who are stuck on old versions and templates and are having difficulties in finding support to get them fixed.

If you’re one of these CS-Cart store owners, then get in touch. Our experienced team have a good understanding of the CS-Cart platform and recent knowledge of the difficulties in upgrading and maintaining stores.


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