Large database modelling and analysis

ExtraDigital have an excellent working relationship with an international certification agency, with whom we have worked on numerous projects in the past and enjoy the challenging analytical problems they look to solve.

Our Work

We’re currently working with them to provide web-based data analysis for very large datasets for a local government body focus on transport in our capital. There are over 32 million cars driving around the UK, as well as lorries and vans and this is a major contributor to air pollution in large cities.

cars driving
around the UK

In London, the government body have introduced measures such as the congestion charge, and increased charging bays for electric vehicles, and need to monitor how effective this is. Each day, a large amount of data is automatically collected on the traffic at different points around London and this is used in conjunction with air quality data and modelling to provide information and suggest solutions to the air quality problems in our cities.

To do the above requires systems with the ability to analyse very, very large datasets, as well as expert knowledge of the vehicle industry and air quality metrics. Previous systems used were not accurate enough with newer vehicles with low emissions or greener fuel types.

ExtraDigital worked alongside our client at the head offices of the government body to provide a system to collect this data. ExtraDigital’s role within this was building the web-based system to analyse very large sets of data.

The challenges of Big Data

The challenges within this work include handling hundreds of tables with tens of millions of records in each, and ensuring the number crunching happens within a reasonable timeframe. Waiting a few minutes for an answer is acceptable, but waiting several years is not.

Our continued work

The first system was built in 2019 and used to analyse some months of data. An ongoing project allows current data to be added and extra types of analysis to be looked at, including CO2 emissions and the impact of a change in vehicles on the road on air quality.

Big Data Experience

Staff within ExtraDigital are experienced in dealing with very large datasets  - and also use this skill for large ecommerce applications, especially Magento stores where it is common to have hundreds of thousands of products. not.     

If you have large amounts of data to analyse, then contact the team at ExtraDigital.

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