Case Study: Course Module Creation

The Brief:

To design, create and develop an additional course booking module for Coaching for Change UK to allow their clients to book themselves on courses and pay for the courses online. The module was required to allow the client to edit their course bookings, receive discounts based on the course they have chosen as well as the number of people they have booked onto the course and pay online in a secure and safe method.

Coaching for Change are a UK leader in development, mentoring and coaching courses. They also offer consultancy services for a wide range of companies in a number of different industries. You can find out more about Coaching for Change's courses, consultancy services and can book yourself on one of their courses using our easy to use course module on their site,

What We Did:

ExtraDigital design, created and developed an additional course booking module to work on our ExtraCMS which Coaching for Change was already using and has been for a while. This meant that all course bookings and courses could be recorded and edited through the ExtraCMS. This module was integrated with the site to follow the same styles of the site and allow for ease of use.

Below is an image of the course booking options on the site, following a traditional route of booking which many people would be familiar and therefore comfortable using. Starting with viewing the number of courses available on the Coaching for Change site.

Coaching for Change Course Module

Then the user has the option of selecting the location and date of the course that they wish to attend from a list of every planned course that Coaching for Change is running for the foreseeable future.

Coaching for Change Course Module

They are then able to select from the drop down whether they would like to simply do the course that they have selected, whether they would like to do the course with the aim of getting a award in the course or whether they would like to do the course with the aim of getting the certificate. They also have the option of inserting the number of delegates that will be attending the course.

Coaching for Change Course Module

After selecting the course type and the number of delegates, clients of Coaching for Change will get the following screen which shows them the preview of their booking selection and any discounts that they receive as a result of booking in more than one delegate as this is what Coaching for Change offers. There is also a field for them to insert any voucher codes that they may have as the company wanted the option to offer special prices to selected clients. The user can also add, edit and delete course options from this screen before moving on to payment.

Coaching for Change Course Module

After this step there is the payment screen where delegates can insert their payment details before moving onto the standard booking confirmation page and then back to the site for further viewing.


The outcome of the course booking eCommerce module designed and built for Coaching for Change is that they now have an effective and efficient method to allow their clients to book themselves on the courses that they offer. This saves both Coaching for Change and their customer’s time as they have the convenience of being able to book themselves on courses whenever they wish to.

The client, Coaching for Change, has been very pleased with this work and has started to see the difference and the benefits that it can bring. In the long run it means that they can simply add courses for the clients at a press of the button with minimal effort but maximum impact.

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