Website Design for Property Acquisition in English & Arabic - Client Case Study

This London property acquisitions specialist wanted a marketing website designed in both English and Arabic along with a dynamic interactive map to showcase the regions in London where the company sourced properties. They also wanted social media set up and branded on Facebook to match the look and feel of the website.

English & Arabic Websites: Approach

We carried out both market and keyword research to ensure a website that was search engine optimised from the code level up for a suitable range of key phrases in order to assist with marketing the business on an ongoing basis.

  • Keyword research around London property acquisitions to optimise website at the code and initial content level for relevant key phrases
  • End user research and analysis into desired look and feel for a luxury property acquisitions website in London catering to overseas clients
  • Development of design concept capable of being easily built into both English and Arabic (taking semitic website design into account)
  • Selection of imagery appropriate to both cultural markets
  • Adaptation of design concept to social media platform for branding
  • Writing, translation and localisation of content in English and Arabic
  • London area research and development of interactive map built using jQuery to be compatible across many browsers and devices
  • Integration of Google Maps onto the contact page to allow easy location and placement of the company within the London area

English & Arabic Websites: Results

These are captures taken from the finished website when it went live, showing the main design, Arabic version of the interactive map and contact page with integrated Google Maps feature. Click to enlarge.


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