PR Services Web Design Case Study


Kelso Consulting, a PR agency in London, were planning a new business venture - aiming to become a one stop shop for off the shelf PR services and courses for the law firms in the UK. The aim was to have a simple solution to help attract visitors doing legal marketing to services such as article writing and insertion as well as courses such as press release writing.

Our Approach

Discuss with the client aims for the site:

  • Talk through who their target demographic was based on the experience of the agency
  • What actions were needed from the client
  • What the agency would do to follow through on purchases of the services
  • What information they would need from clients

Based on this discussion and subsequent internal brief, our head of design then had further discussions with the client to find out the best look and feel for the site to match already branding already planned.


PR Services Web Design

ExtraDigital designed and built the site with custom modifications to our shopping module to allow for services rather than products to be sold and information to be passed to the agency for fulfilment of these services.

ExtraDigital offer full services marketing and website design services for a range of businesses and sectors. We love working with entrepreneurial companies like Kelso Consulting but are also just as at home taking briefings from listed businesses and large organisations.

To learn more take a look at our range of business website designs or contact us today to get an initial, free website review and find out how we can bring your business to life online.

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