Case Study: Helford Boat Hire

The Brief:

To design and produce an ease to use site to advertise and provide information for Helford Boat Hire’s boat hire business. are a boat hire business set in Helford. Helford is seen as the Chelsea of the boat world and sees lots of people flock there each year to take advantage its connection with the Falmouth estuary. The Falmouth estuary is the third deepest natural harbour in the world.

What We Did:

ExtraDigital design a simple design to successfully advertise and provide informative and easy to access information about the Helford Boat Hire business and their services.


The outcome of is a great accessible site clearly advertising boat hires on the Helford River. Our client was very pleased with the work that went into this site and has seen many new customers as a result. The site has also been linked to by a great deal of holiday companies that offer cottages in the area, resulting in more awareness of the Helford Boat Hire and more customers.

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