Narrative Design for Decarbonisation Saas Provider

ecoDriver help organisations large and small understand their energy consumption and emissions and advise on appropriate actions to reduce them. On its introduction in 2007, the ecoDriver software won a Microsoft award.

ecoDriver approached ExtraDigital to help design and build a new website that would help elevate their brand, establish them as an authority in the decarbonisation field and drive qualified leads. They needed a marketing website that educated their prospects on their services, stressed the reasons to act and highlighted the rewards available to those using ecoDriver.

Narrative Design

Narrative Design

To help highlight the reasons organisations need to focus on decarbonising their operations, we worked closely with the ecoDriver team to create a narrative and concept around the process. Understand, Act, Transform became the methodology to demonstrate how the ecoDriver software and associated services could help lead the to net zero.
The design needed to elevate the aesthetic for their brand and deliver a compelling UX that aided the user’s journey through the site. It was a significant step forward from the current site they had built in-house.

We employed a scroll-activated vertical carousel to help raise issues we all face and must address together, such as ever-growing temperatures and volatile weather. The carousel results in a homepage broken into dedicated sections aligned to the Understand, Act, Transform methodology. Following this, we leverage trust with past clients and case studies of recent successes. The homepage is counter pinned with strong CTA’s to drive the users to book a demo of the ecoDriver software.

Elementor Pro Developers

Jamie Finnan and the team at ecoDriver wanted something that would be easy to edit and update moving forwards. For this reason, we recommended WordPress using Elementor. WordPress makes it very easy to add and edit pages. At the same time, Elementor gives you a live drag and drop website edit and Widgets and responsive editing without learning to code so they can easily add any updates they want later.

The build was expertly carried out by our team of developers and delivered on time with the help of the dedicated project manager. The ecoDriver team we’re glad to get the site live and move into the New Year with a new digital presence to help grow their business.

ExtraDigital, don’t just build websites; we build experiences that educate users and drive lead conversions. Our team of in-house marketeers, designers and developers collaborate to create websites that help users understand a business offering, build an affinity with the brand and ultimately become clients.

If you’re struggling to convey your story, your leads unqualified or confused around your offering, then speak to the experts. Contact ExtraDigital today. We look forward to learning about your business.

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