Web Design Case Study - Management Consultants

A team of training consultants in London needed a new site to market their new offerings aimed at different markets in the UK. These markets included universities, other consultants and for businesses across the public, private, and third sectors. We had already produced several websites for the consultants before and had shown a good understanding of their needs.

Management ConsultantsConsultants Web Design: Approach

The client provided us with the content and an extensive brief for the project. The brief included all the copy, images, navigation structure and information needed to be displayed. It was down to the design team to make sure the information was displayed in an informative, simplistic and ‘compelling’ way as well as making the content clear and accessible as possible.

After effective liaison and communication with the consultants:

  • We discovered 3 websites that the client liked the look and feel of and took note of some of the features
  • Produced 2 designs based on client preferences and best practice
  • Review the designs with the client, making alterations based on client’s comments.
  • Coded the new site onto ExtraCMS
  • Installed a testimonial sequencer to display comments from past clients in a dynamic and eye catching way.

Consultants Web Design: Results

These are captures taken from the finished website when it went live, showing the main homepage design and an inside page. Click to Enlarge.

Take a look at the website here www.compellingpropositions.com

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