Where are my leads and sales coming from?

lead generationYou may think you have a fairly clear idea of where the majority of your leads/sales are coming from, but changes in visitor behaviour could be leading you to rule out key conversion generating channels.

So how much do you really know about your converting traffic.

Multiple Visits and Multiple Channels

Website conversions are a complex business, once upon a time there was a very simple model of one visit one conversion.

Visitor clicks on site – Views pages – Makes a sale, download or requests info

marketing channelsThe reality however, is something more like this:

Visitor clicks on site –Views pages – Leaves –
Visitor comes back – Views pages – Leaves –
Visitor returns again – Views pages – Makes a sale, download or requests info

Visitors are more inclined to visit multiple times before making a conversion, coupled with this they are highly likely to use different channels to come to your site for example:

  • Visit 1 comes from a Google sponsored listing (PPC)
  • Visit 2 from a listing in Google search (SEO)
  • Visit 3 from a bookmark link (direct)

In your web analytics the conversion will be credited to direct traffic channel, but had it not been for the PPC and SEO channels your visitor would never have come to your site or converted.

Repeat Visitor Marketing

It’s clear that today's online marketing needs to take into account repeat visitor behaviours and to make sure both the website and marketing channels are optimised to take full advantage.

Google analytics has a special reporting area dedicated to tracking these multiple interactions and can give valuable insights on how both channels and content work together to produce a final conversion. Please note it is key to have your analytics setup and optimised correctly in order to gain this valuable information.

Returning visitors

Update your Marketing

If you are still marketing your business based on a one visit one conversion model then you will be missing out. eCommerce results show repeat visitors tend to have a higher average spend plus are more likely to make repeat purchases. For enquiries repeat visitors tend to be more serious prospects and can convert to much better quality leads.

Successful marketing will require a website with content and options that support the repeat visitor plus the use of different marketing channels creating a marketing mix that will work together to make it easy for visitors to find and return to your website.

At ExtraDigital whether you're a new or existing client we can help you review your current marketing and create strategies to support repeat visitors. For more details call ExtraDigital today on +44(0)1227 68 68 98

Thursday 13th March 2014

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