What makes a good landing page?

Designing a good landing page is a crucial foundation of a successful online marketing campaign. The landing page is the first point of contact between the user and the website, and it needs to make a positive and lasting impression.

In this article, we will explore the critical elements of a successful landing page design that can help improve user engagement, conversion rates, and the success of your website.

1. Compelling Headline & Strong CTA

The headline and call-to-action are the first things users see when they access your landing page. It should be clear, concise and prominently displayed above the fold. 

This can benefit businesses by capturing attention, increasing engagement, improving conversion rates, enhancing brand perception, and should solve their pain or indicate that there is a way. A well-crafted CTA and/or button should show what action the user obtains from this, which creates a positive impression of your brand, making visitors more likely to take the desired action and return to your site.

2. Engaging Visuals

Visuals assets are essential in engaging the user and can help communicate the website's message and brand more effectively. High-quality images, videos, and animations can capture the user's attention and create a lasting impression.

3. Easy User Experience

The user should be able to easily navigate and find the information they seek without searching for it. The navigation should be intuitive and easy to use, with clear headings and subheadings that guide the user through the website.

4. Concise and Clear Copy

Clear and concise copy on landing pages improves clarity, increases conversion rates, enhances user experience, speeds up load times, and boosts search engine optimisation. By focusing on the key points, visitors can easily understand the message, leading to higher levels of trust and credibility. It can also reduce confusion, improving the overall user experience and increasing the likelihood of return visits.

5. Mobile Optimisation

A good landing page design should be optimised for mobile users first. The page should load quickly, and the layout must flow accordingly, so navigating on a smaller screen is simple and effective - which is also very important for online marketing.


Landing pages should provide a positive and lasting impression, engaging the user and communicating the website's value proposition. A compelling headline & strong CTA, engaging visuals, easy navigation, concise and clear copy and mobile optimisation are all essential elements of a successful landing page design.

By implementing these elements, you can create a landing page that not only engages the user but also drives conversions and, ultimately, the success of your website.

Are you planning to build your landing page and looking for guidance on where to start? Get in contact with our marketing and design specialists today! We will be more than happy to help.

Wednesday 19th April 2023

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