Top Tips for German PPC from ExtraDigital

Whether you are planning to target German audiences, or already established, the use of German PPC could give you the potential for increased traffic, sales and profit as part of your German marketing strategy.

Here are some of our top tips for successful German PPC.

German PPC


Before starting German PPC make sure that you do your research.

Key information on...

  • Your target German audience
  • Your competition in Germany
  • The German market environment for your industry and products

Knowing this information can help you craft your PPC campaigns to be the perfect fit.

German campaign structures will be slightly different from  PPC campaigns in other languages. For example, in comparison to PPC to campaigns in English, we generally see fewer keywords per ad group. 


A further top tip for successful German PPC is to think carefully about the language.

The German language may have a similar alphabet to English, but sentence structure and use of tense are just two of the many differences. The most annoying difference in word length. This often makes it much harder to write ad copy in German. 

Directly translating your English into German can result in: 

  • Ads that don’t make sense in German
  • Copy that is too long for the Ad space available
  • A confused message

A German native speaker can then help you craft compelling German ads.

German Keywords

It is best to ensure that Keyword research is done in German, conducting all research in German looking at how German audiences phrase their searches. Translating a set of best English keywords is not a good method at all. 


ExtraDigital have been managing German language PPC campaigns for about 10 years and have a wealth of expertise.

Our clients have included:

  • Lead Generation for B2B businesses - for example within the logistics industries
  • Online Shops selling fashion items
  • Online shops selling components for cars
  • Tourism companies selling tickets or bookings

We have particular expertise at handling German PPC with Magento websites and Google shopping. 

We use native German speakers in combination with our Google qualified PPC managers to ensure that you get the best results for from your German PPC campaigns.

Contact the team today on +44(0) 1227 68 68 98 to find out how we can assist with your German PPC campaigns.

Tuesday 18th July 2017

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