Pinterest launches new ‘Price Alerts'

Pinterest have recently announced a brand new ‘price alerts’ service that notifies Pinterest users that items they have pinned are on offer or available at a reduced price.  This feature is introduced shortly after the release of Pinterest’s “pin price” feature in May 2013, which helps user to see the current price of their pinned items.

A statement on the Pinterest blog read:

“You know that giddiness you get when something you’ve wanted forever is suddenly a little (or maybe a lot) cheaper? Well, we’re bringing that saving feeling to Pinterest!

In May, we made it easy for you to see the current price of pins from certain websites, but there wasn’t a simple way to tell if your coveted pin’s price dropped. Starting today, we’ll begin sending you an email when this happens. It’s rolling out slowly, so hold tight if you don’t see one right away.”

Pinterest price alerts


Image source: Marketing Pilgrim

This feature acts a service to keep an eye on price reductions and bargains of behalf of shoppers. Price alerts are automatically activated when items are pinned to a board. The user will receive an email notification when price fluctuations occur.

Pinterest for eCommerce

With the addition of this feature, Pinterest further establishes itself as a key marketing tool for those selling goods online. This has even been noticed by major online retailer Amazon who are to unveil a ‘Pinterest-like’ section on their site. This section will allow users to add images of products from Amazons catalogue to convey their styles and tastes, recent purchase and other items that users like and perhaps wish to purchase someday.  

"This new test feature is just one of the many ways we are working to help our customers discover and share new things," an Amazon spokeswoman said.

If you have or work for an eCommerce business and you want to take advantage of the program, you will be able to find the necessary code on its developer site. Find out more information about effective eCommerce marketing or social media marketing at ExtraDigital.

Monday 5th August 2013

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