LinkedIn Products & Services Page - No Longer Supported

LinkedIn MarketingIf you have a company page on LinkedIn with a products and services tab then you need to be aware that LinkedIn will be retiring these products and services pages from 14th April.

What this means is that the product and services pages you have been carefully nurturing are going to disappear along with any customer recommendations ouch!

Frustrating as this change is LinkedIn has given businesses a limited time to prepare for the change, but you need to act now!

What to Do Now

marketing decisionsLinkedIn are still allowing you time to edit your products/services page, but to be honest now is not the time to be updating the content here, it is however, worth saving your recommendations by copying them from the tab into your own document. They can then be used elsewhere in your promotion.

It’s clear LinkedIn want users to move towards using their showcase pages to promote products and services, but this might not be right for everyone.

You need to decide if your products/services need a dedicated showcase page or if posting updates to your company page will be enough.

  • Showcase Pages allow you to add a child page to your company page were you can promote a various aspect of your business to a more dedicated audience. They are a long-term marketing tool and as such are not recommended for short-term marketing campaigns. As such these will work well for product or service groupings, but perhaps not so much for individual offerings.
  • Company Updates like other forms of social posting help you to keep engaged with your followers and promote your business. This area is much more suited to short-term marketing and as such is great for promoting individual products and services at key times.

Showcase or Company

In reality most businesses may find they need to use both methods to successfully promote themselves on LinkedIn resulting in a increases in the resources required to maintain both a company and showcase pages.

Social Media Marketing

social marketingFor busy businesses updates like this are annoying as it can be difficult to keep on top of social media marketing at the best of times. At ExtraDigital we appreciate this and provide social media marketing support tailored to businesses resources and requirements. So whether you just want a little support or a lot we have the solution for you.

For more details call us on +44(0)1227 68 68 98

Monday 31st March 2014

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