LinkedIn Improves Custom Content Sharing for Brands

Images and video are now an important part of social media and those that share this type of content on social media posts are far more likely to get clicks than those that don’t.

Facebook is an example of a social media site that is heavily based around photo sharing and rival social media giant LinkedIn felt they were missing out on the social networking opportunities brought by media sharing.

linkedin conent sharing

For this reason LinkedIn have created a new feature that allows brand users to upload a variety of media to their professional LinkedIn Pages. This update hasn’t yet been announced publicly but those with a LinkedIn business profile will notice the change.

All types of media including photos, videos, presentations and projects can now be added to brand Pages. This functionality is available through the paperclip symbol to the right of the ‘share an update’ box.

This means brands can now share their custom content such as videos and PowerPoint presentations. The more content that is shared amongst networks, the easier it is to discover new prospects – so this LinkedIn feature is thoroughly good news for the business world.

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Wednesday 23rd January 2013

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