Facebook Campaign tracking

When running a campaign it is really important to measure the results. And this is why marketing agencies such as ExtraDigital make extensive use of tracking code to measure campaign performance.

facebook conversion tracking

Facebook historically did not provide this. It now does, and the results can be useful. In fact when the code works the data is superbly useful but the facebook conversion tracking is rather temperamental. On one day all is working fine, with tracking active, then the tracking becomes inactive and requires revalidation.

This means it is not wise to rely on facebook tracking but to use extra tracking as well – and this is the policy that ExtraDigital use.

The facebook tracking works via a tracking pixel. This is generated from the facebook account using the ‘Conversion Tracking’ link.  You give the conversion pixel a name and select a category (choice of Checkouts, Registrations, Leads, Key Page Views, Adds to Cart, Other Website Conversions).

Facebook then generates some JavaScript code that you copy and paste onto the website page being tracked. This could be a key page, a thank you page or a successful sale page.

You now need to activate the code. This is done by visiting the page with the code on and then checking the facebooks ads manager. This should show the tracking as active.

For tracking what happens on your website, ExtraDigital has found other tracking to be more reliable, but some facebook behaviour such as likes is still easiest tracked with facebook conversion tracking.

Facebook advertising is one of many paid search advertising services provided by ExtraDigital. We also provide consultancy or full management of LinkedIn advertising, AdWords, Baidu and Yandex advertising, including content retargeting and banner ads.

Friday 5th July 2013

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