Facebook Metrics Are Changing

Facebook has let us know this month that they are removing a few ad metrics and replacing them with ones that may provide insights that are more actionable.

Starting April 30, 2019, these metrics will no longer be available on Facebook: offers saved, relevance score, messaging replies, mobile app purchases ROAS. While you may or may not have used these metrics, you’ll still want to be aware of what they are replacing each with – they will come in handy!

Post Saves

Replacing: Offers saved, Cost per offers saved
Facebook has taken note that we want to see when all of our posts are being saved. A more inclusive metric than ‘offers saved’, this new metric will be available to measure the number of times every ad was saved – not just offer ads.

Ad Relevance Diagnostics

Replacing: Relevance Score
Ads are only successful when they are put in front of people who find the offer relevant. Facebook is doing away with the relevance score and introducing three new types of metrics that will allow you to identify why ads aren’t meeting your advertising objectives.

Quality ranking will show your ad's perceived quality compared to ads competing for the same audience. Engagement rate ranking will provide insight into your ad’s expected engagement rate compared to ads competing for the same audience. Similarly, Conversion rate ranking will show your ad’s expected conversion rate compared to ads with the same optimisation goal competing for the same audience.

Where can we find them? In ads manager, they will default under the performance pre-set, or you can manually add them to custom column pre-sets.

** Only available for ads with higher than 500 impressions.

New messaging connections and Messaging conversations started

Replacing: Messaging replies and Cost per messaging reply
The Messaging replies metric was previously tracking replies within new or existing conversations that are attributed to your ad. New messaging connections will only measure new conversations, excluding people who have already sent messages to your business. Messaging conversations started will track the number of times new people started messaging your business, as well as those who have re-engaged with your business after at least seven days of inactivity.

WhatsApp: If someone contacts your business on Facebook Messenger after seeing an ad that clicks to WhatsApp, this will be counted in the ‘messaging conversations started’ metric.

Purchase ROAS

(return on ad spend)
Replacing: Mobile app purchases ROAS and web purchase ROAS
This is a metric that everyone should be looking at. While the previous ROAS metric was channel specific, we know that the buyer’s path is increasingly omnichannel. This new metric considers that and consolidates channel specific ROAS metrics into one, so you can better understand your return on ad spend from purchases.

How it’s calculated – purchase conversion value / amount spend.

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Friday 12th April 2019

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