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Facebook recently updated its cover photo rules to allow you to add calls to action, your website address and other key information, which is fantastic. There are still some restrictions so businesses need to embrace these changes with caution.

New Facebook cover photo rules

As of 6 March 2013 your cover photo on Facebook can now include up to 20% text.

Facebook have used a 25 block grid over the top of the cover photo as a simple way to show what they consider to be 20%. If your text areas cover more than 5 of the grid boxes then your photo is breaking the rules.

facebook cover photo

The new rules have also been extended to include ad photos too although the size of these should be taken into account if adding text.

How stricted is the 20% rule enforced

Facebook’s own example shows text extending slightly into a couple of extra adjoining boxes and still passing the test so it would appear they are not being too draconian about the 20% rule.

In addition images that naturally include text are not being included which can cover product images that include text, website screen shots or background text in the original image. However, if text has been sneakily added to get round the rules and this pushes the text content over the 20% it will be seen non-compliant.

So the advice is be creative, but don’t overdo it in this case less can be so much more.

Testing Facebook business page cover photos

It’s always a good idea to update your Facebook business page cover photo from time to time and now is the perfect opportunity to try out some new ideas and be creative.

First look at what other businesses are doing to see what works and perhaps more importantly what doesn’t. Then create 3 new cover photos that include a call to action plus your company phone number and website address.

Next trial each cover photo for a set period of time and carefully record any conversions generated from you Facebook business page this way you can trial different imagery and layouts to see which combinations work best for your audience.

Over time you can create a portfolio of optimised cover photos that you can use to keep you page fresh and bringing in leads.

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Monday 13th May 2013

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