Why Every Business Should Advertise on Facebook

Last month Facebook celebrated its tenth birthday. Over the past decade Facebook’s users have grown and grown, in fact in there are now over 1.23 billion active users of Facebook in the world today and in the UK alone 24 million Brits log into Facebook everyday (The Guardian, 2014).  The fact is that Facebook has been and remains to be the single largest concentration of consumers online, businesses cannot and should not ignore Facebook.

Research has shown that not only does Facebook have a large captivated audience, it is also the cheapest place to advertise online. In fact Moz has stated that every business should be spending a $1 a day on Facebook advertising. This social platform has the potential to meet people who would be most interested in your business and your products/services whilst being the ‘biggest marketing opportunity in history’.

Social Media is something that all businesses should be incorporating into their marketing activities and marketing strategy. This applies to car giants as well, Peugeot has announced that they are increasing their efforts with social media to boost customer perception of the brand and to increase customer engagement (Marketing Week, 2014). 

They have stated that the use of social media will be ‘incorporated into its CRM team to help them identify prospects and target them with paid-for advertising on Facebook. For certain models, such as the upcoming launch of the 108, Peugeot will also look at a more direct sales approach, identifying potential leads and approaching them with targeted messaging on social media.’

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You can read one of our recent success stories of Facebook marketing in our Blog entitled 'Facebook Advertising for eCommerce Shop' - our work saw an increase of over 2,000%.

Article Written by Katie Butcher

Wednesday 19th March 2014

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