Advantages of Social Media Ads

Journey Based Advertising: Chapter Five

Organic reach is shrinking – on an average organic post, the reach is now as low as 2%.

This means that if you only have an organic strategy for your social accounts, you may not be reaching your target audience. Social media advertising, or paid social, may not be new, but if it’s not a part of your marketing strategy yet- it should be!

Let’s take a look at the top three advantage of social media advertising.

  1. Reach specific target audiences

    The ad platforms on social media allow you to be very specific. You can target by age, location, interests, gender, job title- you name it. This lets you target people who haven't heard of you yet, and may not have ever heard of you without the ad.

  2. They offer a variety of ad formats

    Each social network has a different audience who are on certain platforms for different reasons and intentions. This means that ads need to be different by platform, and even by where you place the ad and how you deliver it on the platform. Thankfully, they make it easy to create content in their ad programs. Each considers the use of the platform and what type of ads and objectives resonate with their audiences, and where they should be shown.

    Examples: LinkedIn inbox ads, Facebook slideshows, lead generation ads, or Instagram’s shopping ads. Plus many, many more!

  3. Invest in efforts that drive leads and sales

    Social media ad managers give you great access to analytics tools, helping you to identify what content, service, or even message is resonating with your target audience. This can help you decide where to invest your money to see better quality leads and higher sales.

If you’re considering running paid social campaigns, check out this article on Journey Based Advertising.

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Sunday 26th April 2020

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