Are small businesses spending more on Direct Mail and Banner Ads?

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Marketing budgets for small business owners are always very precious and getting the best return on marketing investment is key to any business owners regardless of size. A recent survey from Ad-ology found that SMBS will be looking to spend more money on direct mail and Banner Ads in 2014. But there were some big surprises when it comes to online.

Some statistics below have been taken from the info graphic (view here).

Question: Do you plan to spend more or less on the following local advertising media in 2014?

  • 20.8% of SMBs plan to increase direct mail in 2014
  • 14.5% to increase spend in mobile apps advertising
  • 18.3% to increase online display and banner ads

Despite many arguing that direct mail is dead, research shows that it’s certainly not the case. Small businesses need to be aware of the benefits of taking an integrated approach to direct mail campaigns used alongside other channels.

The shocking statistics are:

  • 62.8% have no plans of using mobile apps for advertising
  • More than half say they don’t plan to use Online / Mobile Video at all

Perhaps the most shocking statistic of the report:

 “31.1% of SMBs still don’t have a website; of the nearly 70% that do, more than 60% of them are not optimized for smartphones.”

This small but insightful report highlights a major opportunity for small businesses who need to be aware of the benefits, cost efficiency and targeting opportunities that the web brings. Customers need to be able to find you, that’s doesn’t just go for small businesses! If you own a business and haven’t got a repsonsive website, you really need one by the end of the week!

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Friday 21st February 2014

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