Can you over-optimise with SEO?

We are still often asked about over optimisation or too much SEO and can this be harmful.

This article is a follow-on to an earlier article called Should You Worry About SEO Over Optimisation?

With proper, effective SEO the answer is always No  - you cannot "over optimise" a website.

Effective SEO is about marketing your website most effectively within search and on the search results.  And the key here is about gaining maximum visibility for relevant and valuable searches. When relevance is considered you cannot "over-optimise" a website.

So why the concerns on over optimisation?

These have arisen when some agencies have focused too much on quantity:

  • numbers of keywords
  • numbers of optimised pages
  • numbers of visitors

A sucsessful business needs sales not "optimised keywords". It needs effective landing pages that are visible and convert, not large numbers of landing pages with no sales or leads. It needs visitors that buy or request a service - not spam or irrelevant traffic.

Most search engines now consider the quality of the visitors to your website - how much they engage with the page, so adding more low value traffic is not helpful and can be a bad thing.

Over SEO Optimisation

Effective SEO

Effective SEO is about being highly visible for relevant searches to your target audience. It considers quality over quantity.

  • Is the SEO work relevant?
  • Does it feel natural?
  • Is it useful to my audience?
  • Does it support my brand and website aims?

At ExtraDigital our SEO mantras are “quality not quantity” and “keep it natural” and these underpin and keep our SEO successful.

In the end, SEO should be about creating a strong search marketing solution that ensures the website is successful and the brand visibility is positive showing true authority.

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Friday 8th September 2017

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