SEO not SEC. The O is for Optimise not Create

“Effective SEO cannot be done in hindsight. The “O” in SEO is “optimization” — the act of making something as close to perfect as it can be. When slapped on after the fact, SEO is never as perfect as it can be”.

The above is quoted from Practical eCommerce artcle 'SEO as Stand-alone Tactic Is Dead'

This is so true. ExtraDigital believe the best SEO is started at project concept, even when considering domain names or new brand names. Today some of ExtraDigital were in London looking at names for a North African Arabic project and considering the SEO impact of the name (in both Arabic and English). This was before any designs were drawn up.

SEO should be considered when planning the website and other campaign structures. Selecting the correct keywords should impact the creative and the site maps and not be added on afterwards. When ExtraDigital plan websites for clients we include keyword research to help inform the website structure – and this gives far better results.

SEO: When planning or building your website or app or campaign, consider SEO from the start, not afterwards.

Image: When planning or building your website or app or campaign, consider SEO from the start, not afterwards.

SEO should be considered before any code is built. Proper effective SEO is not about link building or article writing – it is about getting your product or service highly visible in all relevant channels. Why build something in a non optimum way and then spend effort rebuilding to be better for SEO? The most effective SEO gets the website build, app or campaign built correctly from the start.

SEO needs maintaining, and this is where a CMS built specifically for SEO gives a huge advantage. Why build a CMS and then add on ‘SEO modules’? It is far better to start with a CMS such as the ExtraCMS that creates optimised websites. The ExtraCMS automatically adds basic SEO to any new page and includes many website wide SEO techniques. But in the hands of someone who understands internet marketing, advanced SEO features can be fully utilised to create a very effective marketing website.

So when planning new websites, think of ongoing SEO as Optimising the SEO you have built into the project from the start. If this sounds like good approach to website development, contact ExtraDigital for more information.

Tuesday 4th February 2014

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