SEO Management for Nature Supplies

Nature supplies are an online shop that sells a wide range of herbal supplements and natural health products from their website.

The website owner wanted to improve the search engine optimisation of the site, so we performed a complete website audit to highlight any potential issues.

We are now implementing an SEO campaign that will see the eCommerce site rise up the search engines and stand out above competitors.

Our strategic internet marketing management will provide a range of onsite search engine optimisation techniques and offsite SEO advice that will ensure the website is better optimised.

SEO for nature supplies

Techniques will include offsite article writing and a social media campaign on Twitter. Onsite optimisation will involve improving meta tags, alt tags and general onsite page copy.

We are experts in SEO and many of our clients have seen their websites rise up the search engines due to our strategic optimisation work.

We are also eCommerce experts and have coded and designed many online shops. This means that when an existing online shop comes to us for SEO support, we know how their websites are built and where to implement important changes.

We now have a monthly SEO contract with Nature Supplies. Our support will enable the company to get more relevant visitors to their website, who are then more likely to convert into customers.

For more information about our strategic SEO management, browse our website or call us on 0330 555 4680.

Tuesday 22nd January 2013

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