SEO for Magento Stores

Magento is a popular e-commerce platform and there are some differences between this and hosted ecommerce platforms when it comes to the best ways of increasing organic traffic from SEO.

Here are a few key ways in which Magento SEO differs from SEO on popular hosted ecommerce solutions

Flexibility and Customization: Magento offers more flexibility and customization options compared to Shopify. It is a self-hosted platform that gives you complete control over your website's code and structure. This flexibility enables you to optimize various SEO elements, such as URL structure, meta tags, and site architecture. An SEO agency such as ExtraDigital that specialise in Magento SEO can use this code customization to achieve impressive results quickly.

In contrast, Shopify is a hosted platform that provides a user-friendly interface but limits the level of customization you can achieve. There is a limited range of customization that can be done and other SEO techniques should be focused on.

Technical SEO:  Magento and Shopify provide basic technical SEO features such as customizable meta tags, XML sitemaps, and canonical tags. However, Magento offers more advanced customization options and flexibility for optimizing technical aspects of your website, including URL structures, redirects, and server configuration. With Magento, you have greater control over the technical aspects of your SEO strategy, which can be beneficial for larger or more complex websites.

Scalability: Magento is known for its scalability, making it a preferred choice for larger e-commerce businesses with complex product catalogues and high traffic volumes. This means if Magento-specific SEO work is done the impact is greater because of the higher number of products.

But conversely, if an agency that is not a specialist Magento agency does SEO work, this will produce results slowly or be far more expensive as each product is optimised one by one.

Magento SEO Expertise

ExtraDigital has had many years of success with SEO for Magento websites – helping countless businesses to grow from small/medium ecommerce operations with outsourced marketing to industry leaders with their own internal marketing departments. We’ve worked on Magento stores in the following sectors:

  • Beachwear
  • Watches & Jewellery
  • Tiles and Lighting
  • DIY and tools
  • White goods
  • Car Accessories
  • Software
  • Phones
  • Gifts and Crafts

A key reason for our success is we have staff who support and maintain Magento stores. We understand the technology and costs involved in making changes and can select the best improvements to see results fast.

Tuesday 18th April 2023

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