Google’s New Video Indexing Report

Search Console New Video Indexing Report (2022)

To help marketers understand the performance of our videos in Search, Google has answered our prayers by providing a new report tab for videos in Google Search Console.

The video indexing report will show up in the coverage part of the left navigation bar if Google finds a video on your website. Conversely, the index report will not show up if your videos have not been indexed.

The new video indexing report will be rolled out over a few months, so if you don't have it on your console yet, expect to see it soon. As Google is implementing these changes gradually over time, you may not see all these changes right away. Here is what we know so far!

Video Indexing Report

What exactly is the video indexing report? The following details are included in the video indexing report:

  • The number of indexed pages on your website that have one or more videos
  • The likelihood that a video will be indexed on your website’s pages
  • How well your videos are performing in search
  • Areas for improvement on your video’s performance
  • How many videos in your indexed pages could not be indexed by google, and why.
  • How many of your site's indexed pages did Google find to have one or more videos but was unable to index any.
  • Which videos were successfully indexed
  • If you resolve a problem, you may use the report button to confirm the resolution and monitor the updating of your corrected video pages in the Google index.

Also, the state of your website's video indexing is displayed in the video indexing report. The report excludes pages that are not indexed for any reason and only includes indexed pages. Keep in mind, however, that this analysis does not consider the number of original videos on your website.

What does this mean for marketers?

Because videos play a significant role in search traffic and google search visibility, analysing performance is crucial for marketers using videos on their website.

The video indexing report allows marketers to oversee videos on our websites and their indexing status.

Most importantly, it helps us understand why videos are not indexed and how we can fix this if we want to.

As a result, Google’s Video Index report is a helpful tool for optimising your videos’ performance.

The Bottom Line

Google’s new video index report is HUGE for the future of video marketing. As downloads and streaming of videos account for 82 per cent of all internet traffic worldwide, optimising your video’s performance is a game changer for businesses that wish to improve overall marketing performance.

Thursday 22nd September 2022

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