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Several of the staff at ExtraDigital have been managing paid search campaigns for over 20 years, from the very start of paid search and have a wealth of expertise.  In fact, they were the very first people outside the US to obtain professional paid search qualifications from Google.

These staff or PPC consultants have worked in a wide range of industries on paid search campaigns of varying size, including some large, complex accounts with multiple brands, territories and languages. This 20+ years of first-hand expertise gives extra value to account reviews and strategic analysis. 

ExtraDigital provides PPC Consultancy services in two ways:

We offer a  PPC account audit with strategic analysis and recommendations, which, if required, can be very detailed, including specific advice on Google Ads account structure, campaign settings, ad group structure, keyword strategy and best practise on landing pages. We can also provide detailed advice on tracking and conversion recording and analysis.

Some parts of paid search have changed very significantly over 20 years, while others have remained remarkably consistent. Some areas - such as using advanced numerical analysis or AI to maximise leads and sales we used to do outside the Google Ads platform, and now much of this can be best handled within the platform. When doing this, it is important to understand how to structure conversion tracking to make the optimisations perform best.

We also provide an ongoing PPC strategic consultancy service. This can be part of a total management service (where we also provide all ad copy and creatives) or can be working with a client's marketing team to get the best from various paid search platforms. 

PPC Consultant in Kent


Advice from a PPC Consultant

A PPC consultant should be able to give impartial advice. This may well be different from the advice given by Google’s PPC client account managers (ie sales managers) who have a vested interest to increase advertising revenue. There have been many times when our PPC advice has been different from that of Google – and in each case, the Google advice costs considerably more!

PPC Consultancy is also a good way of gaining feedback about how your account is doing relative to other accounts. Some of this information must be anecdotal to protect client data, but Google Ads consultants working across many accounts will be aware of whether an account is performing well compared to others in similar industries or whether significant improvements are easily possible.

ExtraDigital have paid search consultants working from Kent and London, able to provide detailed advice on how to improve paid search advertising. In almost all cases, the PPC consultancy fee has been repaid in increased sales within a month – so it is a really worthwhile investment. As a guideline, our minimum expected performance improvement is 40%, and we nearly always exceed this.

When providing PPC consultancy advice, the ExtraDigital consultants are qualified AdWords professionals who have been managing PPC accounts for many years, with a wide range of experience in different industries and markets.

Monday 12th June 2023

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