Is PPC still useful for Business?

The short answer is Yes.

The longer answer is that PPC has become more important in recent years, and if you want sales or leads fast it is almost always the preferred form of marketing.

For those who prefer video, below is an explanation of what PPC is and its benefits.

So why should I use PPC?

PPC is still the tried and tested method of getting either leads or sales as quickly as possible.

See the benefits below:

  • Get traffic in quickly! 
    Having the ability to get ads on the top of search results for competitive keywords almost immediately is PPC’s greatest strength.
    If you looking for a quick hit of traffic and sales, PPC is for you!

  • Total Control 
    You get to control your ad, keywords and the first page your visitors see. 

  • Algorithm updates?
    No need to worry about Google algorithm updates – PPC positions are not affected by any SEO algorithm updates.
    Your traffic will be uninterrupted.

  • Real estate
    Being able to be in several positions on the search engine page is very powerful.
    Seeing your brand appear more than once can really reassure customers that your business is well-known and respected.

  • Standout
    You can create standout listings to help your business to leap out from the competition.
    There are a host of Ad options available from adding shopping feed details to call now buttons to make sure you get noticed.

Pay-Per-Click Considerations

Watch your budgets! - It is easy to waste money if your campaign is not set up correctly. You need to ensure that you are constantly keeping on top of your budget and bids to make sure you have something to show from your campaign.  

Make sure you are constantly testing - It’s important to keep things constantly fresh and dynamic. Ensure that you have correct tracking in place so that you can monitor results and make adjustments – switch up the ad text, try new features and generally keep improving and staying ahead. You can’t just ‘set it and forget it.’!


PPC remains the best way of marketing your business and bringing in sales and leads as quickly as possible.

If you looking for an experienced company to look after your PPC campaigns so you are free to deal with the major business decisions, contact ExtraDigital.

We are passionate about increasing your sales and leads and helping you to meet your goals. Give us a call today on 01227 68 68 98 and speak to one of our PPC experts. 

Wednesday 23rd November 2022

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