Why Bid On Your Own Brand In PPC?

PPC Brand BiddingA lot of people will demand to know why in the world they should be bidding on their own brand name, especially if they have an unusual one that totally dominates the natural listings. Actually there are several excellent reasons, and anyone who suggests aborting your brand name bidding on Adwords should be immediately shouted down.

Self Defense

Firstly, brand name bidding is absolutely essential in order to defend yourself from competitors bidding on your critical key phrases. Although bidding on words which have been copyrighted by other companies is a dubious matter, legally speaking, people still try it regularly by using misspellings, broad matches and other PPC linguistics tricks to headline themselves over the (arguably more legitimate) natural search results. If you aren’t bidding on your brand name, you can be sure someone else is – and losing out on revenue on that front isn’t just poor business practice, it’s also downright embarrassing. Even better, the high clickthrough rates on your brand name has a positive impact on your Adwords account as a whole which can result in lower cost per click across all your campaigns!

Cheap (and Cheerful)

Secondly, bidding on your brand name is cheap. Really cheap. Adwords, and most other PPC platforms, operate a quality score system that allows significantly lowered bid prices for highly relevant pages. Your website is obviously going to be far more relevant that a competitor’s page on your brand name (misspelled or otherwise) which means you’ll enjoy an incredibly low cost per click. What’s more, paid search does not – contrary to popular belief – simply cannibalise your organic traffic. Google themselves have published figures showing that nearly 90% of PPC ad traffic will not be replaced by organic visitors if the ads are paused – definitely food for thought.

Brand Presence

Thirdly, bidding on your name in PPC should be part of your overall branding strategy as it allows you to stay on message. Most companies will invest tens of thousands of pounds in their branding for everything from logo to website URL, so for the comparatively paltry sums it will take to place yourself in paid search listings it seems mad to leave this out. PPC ads for your brand also allow you to aggressively tout your promotional events, such as sales and special offers, to add a sense of urgency to the buying message and draw in consumers who might otherwise have only been idly browsing for your name.

Market Saturation

The final argument is saturation. A significant percentage of search engine users are distinctly lazy and will only click on sponsored ads, especially if they are shopping with card in hand to make an immediate purchase. While there is a (much smaller) camp of searchers who will only click on organic results by principle, it is the lazy top spot clickers that form a majority in the marketplace which means you need to make sure you’re sitting where they’ll be clicking – and that means brand name bidding so that you dominate the entire search engine results page, organic and sponsored, for your most valuable paying customers.

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Tuesday 20th November 2012

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