Why Bid On Your Brand Terms In PPC?

A lot of people fail to see any reason they should bid on their branded terms - especially if it is unusual and they dominate the organic rankings. But there are several excellent reasons you should stop anyone from shutting off your branded PPC campaign. We have listed four compelling arguments below.

1. Self Defense

Brand name bidding is absolutely essential to defend yourself from competitors bidding on your branded terms. The rules on bidding on branded keywords aren't always clear, and you can stop people from using trademarked terms in ad copies, but this isn't enough. Other companies can still bid on your keywords, including misspellings and will rank highly doing this.

Another thing competitors can do is use keyword insertion in their ad copies, so if someone is searching for your brand, even though they haven't written it, your branded terms will show up in their ad copies. If you aren’t bidding on your brand name, someone else probably is. Losing out on revenue and leads from not doing something so simple is poor business practice. 

2. Cheap (and Cheerful)

Bidding on your brand name is cheap. Really cheap. Adwords, and most other PPC platforms, operate a quality score system that allows significantly lowered bid prices for highly relevant pages. Your website is obviously going to be far more relevant than a competitor’s page on your brand name, which means you’ll enjoy an incredibly low cost per click.

Your branded ads will be highly relevant to the searcher, which inevitably leads to high click-through rates (CTRs). These high CTRs on your brand name have a positive impact on your Adwords account as a whole which can result in a lower cost-per-click across all your campaigns!

3. Brand Presence

Bidding on your name in PPC should be part of your overall branding strategy, as it allows you to stay on message. Most companies will invest tens of thousands of pounds in their branding for everything from a logo to a website URL. In comparison to these figures, it would be silly to miss out on paid search listings for such a comparatively tiny sum per month.

PPC ads for your brand also allow you to aggressively tout your promotional events, such as sales and special offers, to add a sense of urgency to the buying message and draw in consumers who might otherwise have only been idly browsing for your name.

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4. Market Saturation

The final argument is saturation. Most search engine users will click on the first relevant link they see - whether it is paid or organic. While there is a tiny camp of searchers who will only click on organic results by principle, it would be mad to ignore the vast majority in the marketplace, which means you need to make sure you’re sitting where they’ll be clicking. That means you need to cover as much of the first page results as possible, which includes brand name bidding to reach the most valuable searchers. 

What's Next?

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Monday 26th June 2023

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