Multilingual PPC Checklist

Here at ExtraDigital, we specialise in multilingual marketing. When it comes to multilingual PPC, there are critical steps that often get overlooked.

While PPC is a diverse beast requiring individual attention per account, campaigns, even down to the keywords themselves…. In general, if you’re running your multilingual accounts or considering adding some multilingual campaigns in the future, you’ll want to consider the following steps.

ExtraDigital Multilingual Checklist for PPC

Initial setup work:

Initial market research – in the target language

Basic keyword research – in the target language

Expand basic keyword research in the target language

Propose negative keywords per ad group or campaign

Decide the campaign structure based on business needs, geography and budgets

Decide the ad group structure based on keyword research. This might be different for different languages.

Write ad copies in native language bearing in mind the local country rules. Many advertising rules differ from one country to another.

Write landing page copy in the native language, again bearing in mind the local country advertising rules.

Write ad extensions and snippets in the target language

Generate conversion tracking codes and insert on the corresponding confirmation pages

Check conversion tracking is working

Ongoing management

Ongoing monitoring of KPI’s

Selectively adding keywords (or negative keywords) in the target language based on account performance 

Pause poor performing keywords

Adjust ad copy: write new copy or edit existing copy based on the performance of different ads

Where possible, make adjustments in the landing page copy to improve performance

Adjust extensions and snippets based on account performance

Adjust bidding (if using manual bidding) to meet a target of either volume, cost/lead or ROI

Perform campaign budget adjustments to meet the requested monthly account spend 

For a review of your existing Multilingual PPC accounts or a discussion on how you can ensure you are using PPC profitably, call ExtraDigital on +44(0)1227 68 68 98 or contact us today.

Thursday 24th October 2019

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