London Congestion charge - Paid traffic

What do you think about The London Congestion Charge?  Are you annoyed by having to pay to drive through London or do you enjoy the slightly less busy roads within the congestion area.

London congestion charge - paid traffic - London PPC agency

For those who do not live or work in London, the Congestion charge is a charge paid for all drivers within a certain area, and is valid for one day – although weekly or monthly permits can be bought. The idea behind the congestion charge was to reduce unnecessary traffic journeys through the centre of London and make journey times in London quicker.

Whether you love it or hate it the London congestion charge modifies the traffic patterns as drivers modify their journeys.

Does the same happen on a website with paid traffic? And what are the similarities with the London congestion charge?

Well - websites that utilise paid traffic (such as Google AdWords PPC advertising) certainly see a change in traffic and visitors. But unlike in London traffic numbers should go up not down. Like London unhelpful traffic (people who have no need to stop in London) are discouraged.

So next time you are travelling through London, look at the traffic and consider how this has changed through the congestion charge. Then consider how traffic to your website (or a website you like visiting) can change with paid advertising. Well managed PPC traffic will be highly targeted and relevant to the website. This is one of the key things that any PPC agency in London will be doing to manage your AdWords or other paid website advertising campaign.


Thursday 28th March 2013

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