Optimising PPC and Paid Social Conversion Rates

We’ve all been there; you dedicate money and time in creating perfect ad copies and launching paid search campaigns, yet the conversion rates are not as high as you might want. Fortunately for you, there are simple solutions to improve this all-important figure. You might be surprised to find out that what can affect your conversion rates reaches past your ads!

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Ensure your Copy is Optimised

Excellent copy sells. It is your most important free tool in persuading audiences to convert in the desired way; as such, it needs to be reviewed and optimised continually. This is not just for the ads attracting your leads but also on the landing pages themselves.

One critical method in optimising your copy is through revising your keyword research and its implementation on the landing page. They need to feel organic and a natural part of the story you’re trying to tell the audience, overpacking the content with this makes it difficult to read and a deterrent.

Alongside the keyword research, making regular microlevel changes avoids the large-scale amendments which take time keeping it relevant and fresh for audiences.

Shorten Forms

With forms being the way to gain macrolevel conversions such as signing up to newsletters and sales, these need to be appealing to fill out for leads. The most effective way of doing this is to shorten it to only essential information that the company needs.

This may primarily include name, email and number. The information is quick to insert and doesn’t require spending a long period filling out demographic information which is useful to the company but invasive and time-consuming for leads.

Live Chat

Traditionally, the easiest way of securing a sale or ‘conversion’ is the old-fashioned sale technique of being their face to face and discussing the product or service. In modern times, with eCommerce dominating sales, it makes the user experience that much more important.

Research has shown that audience conversing with live chats can increase conversion rates significantly. When used to maximum efficiency, they can answer those important questions which further move audiences to convert.

Facilitating live chat questioning on-site, audiences can continue to explore without having to leave. Those that leave and email over their questions are more likely not to return and convert than if they had used it.

Review Offerings

Whilst you may like your offering, it does not guarantee that audiences will. This is an important distinction to remember because ultimately, it is what your audiences want that determines their willingness to covert.

Through periodically reviewing offerings, you can provide audiences with the things which they want in order to convert. This review includes two phases, the type of offering and the content of it.

The offering type is important; it could be a multitude of things, including a guide, trial or discount. Choosing the right type of offering is significant depending on the product and service you are trying to convert the audience towards.

Similarly, the content of the offering is important, if copy is involved than it needs to be optimised accordingly. The discounts need to be persuasive to encourage purchase and guides need to be informative to produce further interest. Alternatively, trials must provide enough experience with the product to gain interest and a sense that they need this moving forward once it is over.

A Strong CTA

As with all marketing activities, we recommend that you have a strong CTA which encourages your site user to convert. These need to be quick and directive; phrases such as ‘start your free trial today’ or ‘Join our community’ are always better than a ‘generic click here’.

Conduct A/B Testing

The last step to optimising your content to improve conversion rates is trial and testing. Conducting A/B testing is an excellent choice in deciding the right content when deciding between two choices.

If stuck between copy or offerings, organise the content into two variants and A/B testing displays them both on the site to different segments of website users at the same time. In doing so, you can measure the performance and engagement of users to determine the most effective way forward for the offering in increasing conversions.

This is the most effective way of ensuring that you are making positive changes towards increasing your conversion rate. Whilst you cannot guarantee the behaviour of audiences and their engagement with offerings, testing variables can give an inclination into which will perform better with users.

We at ExtraDigital have an excellent history in creating successful PPC campaigns for our clients in a multitude of industries. We know that each campaign is different and optimising conversion rates is just as different.

Get in contact today and discover how we can increase your PPC performance today.


Friday 20th November 2020

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