Google Shopping Feed Changes in 2013

Google are making changes to the specification of the Google Product Feed. 

This will have a major impact on eCommerce stores starting to use these feed to promote their products,

According to Google, they are:

  • Improving their support for merchant-defined multipack. For example, many consumer products like toothpaste are sold in custom multipacks. The feed specification now clarifies how such products should be submitted.
  • Moving towards a world with high-resolution displays. Therefore, we are also starting to recommend higher-quality images with at least 800 pixels in height and width to give users a better visual representation of advertised products.
  • Introducing the 'identifier exists' attribute.
  • Making much stricter requirements for  unique product identifiers.
  • Updating their guidance for the description and color attributes to make them more precise and actionable.
  • We now provide dedicated support for energy efficiency labels and unit pricing for merchants targeting countries in the European Union and Switzerland.
  • Allowing tagging of individual items as non-family safe.

Many changes, requiring additional work by merchants. Some of these such as the unique product identifiers will pose a real challenge to many merchants.

ExtraDigital can help address these changes on your store in time for the big change.

Wednesday 12th June 2013

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