An Ultimate Guide to Google Display Advertising - Part 3

Welcome to Part Three of ExtraDigital's Ultimate Guide to Google Display Advertising.

Measuring your Display Ads Performance

Once you have launched and optimised your display campaigns, you must measure their performance.

Monitoring and analysing key metrics will allow you to make decisions regarding how well your ads are performing, what and which ads need optimising, and make informed changes to the targeting and budgets.

Measuring the performance of your display ad will depend on the type of campaign you are running. Make sure you select and monitor metrics that are most suitable to you.

Here some of the most common key metrics used to measure the display ad performance:

  • Impressions: Impressions are the number of times your ad is viewed.
  • Reach: Reach metrics tells us the number of times your audiences saw your ad.
  • Click-through Rate: Number of times people clicked on your ad after seeing it.
  • Cost per click: The cost of each click. It takes the total spend and divides it by the number of clicks gained. 
  • Conversion Rate: This informs you on average, how often an ad interaction leads to conversion.

Optimising your Display campaign

After you have launched your display campaign in Google Ads, there are three key areas you need to continue optimising: targeting, your ad copy, and landing pages.

Area 1: Targeting

After the initial launch, you need to look at other possible targeting options you can use for maximum results. It can be looking to expand or removing targeted locations, changing ad schedule, or changing your audience based on updated data or information.

Area 2: Ad Copy

The first ad copy will perform well, but you will need to continuously test new ad copy to determine which one works the best for your audiences.

Area 3: Landing Pages

Targeting and ad copies significantly impact the performance of your landing pages. If your landing page is well designed, but your targeting is wrong, or your ad copy is not as compelling, it will surely fail. It is critical that your targeting and ad copies match the landing page.

Our tips on creating excellent display advertising

  • Create a clear and compelling ad copy that appeals to your targeted customer segments. Use the right language and tone of voice to excite your audience about your offers. Use eye-catching images and videos and avoid using generic headlines and descriptions which can be easily overlooked.
  • Make sure the ads resonate well with your brand. Ensure that the colours, logos, images, and other animations you are using match your brand well. Additionally, make sure you use high-quality images. It shouldn't be blurry, unclear, or excessively filtered.
  • A clear and contrasting call-to-action button. Your CTA button should stand out; it should be simple, straightforward, and relevant to what you have to offer on the landing page.
  • Have an effective landing page with a clear and informative copy that will appeal to your users. Ensure they are easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, have quick loading time and include a clear call-to-action.

Other elements to consider are adding social proofs and case studies, ensuring SEO is fully optimised, adding a simple form with not too many fields. Lastly, adding a thank you page upon the completion of an action. 

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Google Display Advertising

That's it, we have covered all the elements you need to consider when running display ads with Google. As a takeaway, grab our free PDF guide.


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Thursday 11th February 2021

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