PPC Ad Extensions in 2013

Now the New Year has come around, what will happen in 2013 in Pay Per Click advertising and the increasingly popular PPC ad extensions?

PPC is an ever-changing form of advertising because it is internet-based. The world of the web is forever developing to keep up with online consumers, consequently, PPC practices are transforming in line with this to compliment these consumers change in behaviour. 

Primarily, PPC ads are predicted to get more advanced and high-tech this year. Various add extensions have begun to come in that make adverts more appealing and are more likely to encourage conversions and therefore generate more revenue for the advertising company. PPC ad extensions

Extensions could be introduced that have quicker engagement features within the advert that will encourage people to hand over their contact details, such as sign up for a newsletter or call me back boxes.

Ad extensions for mobile ads are also likely to get more sophisticated. Mobile ad extensions could make the most of services like Google Maps and Google Local, giving you quick directions or opening times of high-street businesses.

Any service that was previously available as part of organic listings, like Google Map directions, is likely also to be used to encourage people to click on ads and engage with online businesses.

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Friday 4th January 2013

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