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If you sell internationally, pay attention! Shopify has improved its ability for global ecommerce with Shopify markets. This management tool allows you to set up, launch, optimise, and manage international markets all from one admin tab.

Why is this great news? You can now localise websites for different markers, giving the end user the best experience possible and increasing conversion rates globally. Within each market, you can set up localised;

  • International shipping rates
  • Currencies and pricing
  • Localised language / translated content
  • Products for each market (you may want them different)

Shopify markets allow you to create tailored online shopping experiences for different countries or regions to simplify your global expansion.

An Important Note on Shopify Market Translations

ExtraDigital have over 20 years of experience developing and supporting multi-lingual websites.

While we know Shopify Markets is a great tool for leveraging the global economy and have started using it for our clients, we advise to only proceed with the help of multilingual experts when it comes to translating the content.

Using only the automation provided to translate website content should never be done as it is a literal translation and almost always wrong. Best practice is to have a local review – which is how we continue to manage and support shopify markets for our clients.

For example, see a below literal translation for one of our clients.

Keyword in English: Formula 1 Memorabilia

The literal/automatic translation in German: Erinnerungsstücke an die Formel 1

However, in Germany, they use a mix of English and German, so the real term people would use is ‘Formel 1-Memorabilia’

Using the literal translation can be harmful for a few reasons.

  1. You will not rank for what people search for, meaning your customers will not find you
  2. It sends an untrustworthy signal as it can indicate that you do not sell to Germans regularly and can lead to doubt for other services such as delivery times or currency conversions.

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Tuesday 10th January 2023

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