Multilingual WordPress – Why you shouldn’t ‘just translate’ your content

If you’re looking to translate your WordPress site, you’ve most likely come across multiple translation or language plugins. We are here to tell you to stay far, far away from them! In fact, you shouldn’t be using automatic translations for anything on your website.

Why is that?

Most languages do not translate word-for-word to or from English.

Translating your content, literally, word-by-word will result in it losing authenticity and the ability to relate to your audience. Using a translation bot such as Google Translate or any other plugin gives poor results and often wrong content.

It is essential to adapt your content and website so your customers can build an emotional connection and identify with your brand. Therefore, context is key. A human can understand that when we say something is ‘all singing, all dancing’ it’s not actually singing or dancing, and they can take that into context and translate it appropriately. When you use a translation plugin for WordPress, the bot is not going to recognise an expression like this.

So, how can you successfully build multilingual WordPress sites? Do it authentically. Use native linguists who have an understanding of marketing. We recommend standing by these four core morals:

  • Localise and be authentic
  • Avoid stereotypes
  • Have in-house linguists
  • Tailor all content for each territory; blog, SEO, PPC, Social, etc.

Don’t sleep in the laurels

Still wanting to take the easy way out and use a WordPress translation plugin? We invite you to take a few moments to try one of our expressions quizzes. See if you can guess what German, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian expressions mean when they are translated word for word into English!

Try your luck…

German Quiz

Russian Quiz

Arabic Quiz

Spanish Quiz

Multilingual WordPress Services from ExtraDigital

ExtraDigital helps businesses identify the right target markets and languages based on real data. We have designed and developed many multilingual WordPress websites for clients across various industries and sectors. Our experienced in-house linguists have the marketing background and the cultural background to really help you resonate with local communities.

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Tuesday 12th November 2019

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