9 Facts on Consumer Behaviour when Purchasing from Foreign Countries

The beauty of the eCommerce industry is that there are almost no geographical barriers to entry. Yes, you still need to consider distribution, but you are automatically able to reach a global audience thanks to technology, social media, and ultimately - the internet! 

38% of people purchase online at least once a year from foreign countries.
Google Barometer

International Purchases

Here are 9 facts Google Barometer found when customers make international purchases.

Top three products consumer purchase from foreign countries

  • Clothing & accessories or footwear
  • Books, CDs, DVDs or Video games
  • Cosmetics, beauty, or health products

35% of people said they would not purchase online from a site in their country that doesn’t meet their needs.

21% of people worry about the customer service they will receive from an international purchase.

40% of people make international purchases due to better availability.

32% of people are willing to accept longer delivery times when purchasing products online from abroad, and 19% expect to pay extra for shipping costs.

48% of people said website usability was important when purchasing products online from foreign countries.

22% of people wanted to make a purchase, but no international shipping was offered.

59% of people found that translation was a hurdle when purchasing products from a foreign country.

86% of people did not use a translation service when trying to purchase in a foreign language.

Foreign Consumer Behaviour

What should you take away from these facts?

If you are in clothing, cosmetics, or gaming/book industry, you should be reaching the global market! The demand is there – people are willing to purchase from abroad, even with longer delivery times and extra shipping costs. They are especially willing when they are given a special offer, or there is a wider variety of choice. Users are more likely to purchase from a site that is in their language and is user-friendly.

What should you do now?

These facts are moot if your multilingual marketing and international marketing strategy are not at the level they need to be. Nearly 60% of people found that having to translate the site they intended to buy from, prevented them from buying. If you plan on reaching a global audience, your website needs to this. 

Localising your whole marketing strategy for each territory is a must. This includes all content - website, social platforms, even email. So, now it’s time for you to ask yourself - is my website responsive to each country we are doing business in?

A multilingual marketing strategy is a must for any company looking to expand overseas, but it must be done correctly.

At ExtraDigital, we have the expertise to help you succeed. Our native speakers can help you plan effective campaigns that are not only grammatically correct but also engaging and relevant for the local audience. Get in touch with one of our helpful staff today!

Tuesday 1st October 2019

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